19 Apr 2011


I used to fly back and forth across the Pacific regularly and I always made sure that I entered or exited via San Francisco so that I could catch up with friends Patrick and Karen and go for a run in their superb daily driver -a 1971 911T Sportomatic . These images were taken on a glorious run south to Peeble Beach and Carmel back in 2006 .I'll be catching up with them in a few weeks in their new home in Brussels and Patrick and I will be making our annual trip to Le Mans but alas it will not be in the 911T.
Photographers may be interested to know that these images were taken on a Leica Digilux 1 .It is a pretty odd camera which looks as if it had been styled in an East European country in the 1970s.It is large and brick like but has a great lens and  takes very good images . I moved on from it because of its bulk and limited functionality but in many surprising ways it was a very accomplished camera in its time.


  1. nice shots, great memories, can almost not tell is a burgundy coloured car ... favorite bumper sticker from the Redwood Tree country "Drive Sober, Redwoods Don't Move Over" as plenty of folks fail to take this advice and you do not so much as wrap your car around a redwood as splat yourself against one as a bug against a windshield, but the roads wend around and through the trees making for some driving country that is hard to beat ...

  2. Great light and ambiance.