9 Mar 2011


Lotus were an incredibly succesful race and sports car manufacturer during the 1960s and 70s across a wide range of formulae but in one division of racing , big engined sports cars, they failed miserably .Their first effort was the Lotus 30 which featured a backbone chassis as per the Lotus Elan with a Ford V8 at the rear . Despite the best efforts of the magician ,Jim Clark. the 30 was never a front running contender as the chassis lacked rigidity and the car handled like a brewer's dray .Lotus then compounded their errors in the Lotus 40 .
Again a great unique photo from Roger Putnam's vault with his commentary .
"One Saturday morning I went into Lotus and there was a Lotus 40 (the 30 with 10 more mistakes) which needed moving out to the test track. The exhaust covers were about to come off and the 5.2 litre engine cranked up. I found that I was that man." A very lucky man .

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