13 Mar 2011


The Rolling Road editorial team ( ie me) is taking a short break to take some photos so TRR will not be updated for a couple of weeks .Whilst I am away the Australian Formula I Grand Prix will take place but this is of no consequence to me .I was a serious F1 fan for 30 odd years and have been fortunate to spectate at grand prix all over the world but modern F1 leaves me cold . It is the combination of usually boring races on predominantly boring circuits and the whole F1 culture.I know younger readers may put this down to the ramblings of an old duffer but really formula 1 used to be superb . Now it is a money fuelled circus and the obnoxious Sebastian Vettel's often used one finger gesture sums it all up so well .
Anyway I am looking forward to my trip and posting more photos in April and the 2011 Le Mans 24hours is getting closer every day .For a nice piece on the spectacle that is Le Mans see

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