3 Mar 2011


The 2011 F1 world championship opening race,the Bahrain Grand Prix , slated for 13th March has been cancelled by the ruler,Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, due to the civil unrest in the Arabian Gulf slate . Whilst on balance this was definitely the right decison I cannot find myself wondering whether the Crown Prince missed a golden opportunity to calm the local population down .If he had allowed the race to go ahead and given all the citizens of Bahrain free entry tickets based on the form of last year's race after watching a few laps of the cars circulating on this mind-numbingly boring track they would have fallen into a collective soporific slumber and abandoned all thoughts of rioting in the streets.

My small Himalayan,Zoe, is a fully paid up member of the Mark Webber fan club ,and yet after ten minutes of watching the Bahrain race last year she lapsed into a deep sleep.........


An interesting aside on this is that whilst researching the crown prince's name I went to the official formula 1 website . Apart from a very brief mention of the cancellation buried deep in the news section there is no trace of the Bahrain Grand Prix on the site . It has all been removed . In Bernieland the sun always shines , the grass is always green , babies never cry , every track is the Nurburgring , every race is a thriller and every arab king and prince is a jovial, benign ruler surrounded by adoring citizens. 

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