14 Feb 2011


Australian car enthusiasts sadly don't have the informal  "cars and coffee" meets which have sprung up in N America and Europe in recent years.Maybe our geography works against us or perhaps it is a cultural thing or that we just enjoy too many other distractions.Local bikers seem more sociable and gregarious and they have their favoured "hangouts" mainly on good riding roads .
To get a group of enthusiasts together in Sydney it has to be organised and so that is how last Sunday a group of "big bumper" Porsche Club enthusiasts headed north early in the morning from Sydney starting up the winding Old Pacific Highway populated mainly by lycra clad cyclists .Then a short cruise up the F3 freeway and then up the beautiful but very rough Yarramalong Valley Road and a very bumpy and fun hill to a service station cafe at Kulnura.The cafe is a favourite  for sports motorbikers and we had a few coffees and pastries standing around outside and talked about -- yes, Porsches.As it was a muggy and damp day most of the motorcyclists had wisely stayed in bed late so we had the cafe mainly to ourselves.

We had a great turnout of cars -mainly "big bumpers" including a rare genuine ,original 2.7 Carrera , a RHD 914/6 --locally created-- a trio of Targas including one which does not normally venture out when there is a cloud within 500kms of Sydney, a beautiful 356 , some nice SC's ,one steel bumpered 911 and a couple of moderns including a Boxster driven by a dimunitive Japanese lady Porsche fan ,Kumiko .I drove my faithful 2.7 which has never felt stronger and seemed to enjoy a real thrashing up the hill .
There should be more mornings like this .


  1. Great run- nice way to start a Sunday morning.

  2. A great way to spend a Sunday.

  3. there is not a nicer way to while away a few morning hours than knocking about with some like-minded p-car owners, talking cars, issues of the day, roads and races we have known and what has gone wrong, what might go wrong and what we plan to fix even though it is not broken ... thanks for bringing back some great memories ...

  4. What about the silver 1978 3.3 930 turbo? At 330 bhp it was the most powerful one there but failed to get a mention?? But a Boxster did??? Thats evil John!