20 Feb 2011


      Pit straight 2009 Le Mans 24 hour race .It's mid-evening and an Aston Martin turns onto the straight from the Porsche Curves whilst an Audi enters the pit lane for a routine pit stop. This photo was taken whilst I was riding the fairground ferris wheel on the outside side of the track at the Porsche Curves . A great ride for a reasonable fee and a great photography platform . This photo -like many of my recent photos -was taken with a little Canon G series compact camera -in this case a G7. The key to great quality on these small sensor cameras is to use the lowest ISO speed possible -in this case it was set at  80 --this reduces the "noise" on the image and improves the quality significantly.

1 comment:

  1. gotta love that ferris wheel right at the entrance to the straight, is the best seat in the entire track, only thing better is being up there and watching at night, little camera cannot capture it ...