12 Feb 2011


     Some amazing art deco and art deco style car mascots at a Shannon's Display Day, Eastern Creek  ,NSW, Australia .
I used a longish lens at a wide aperture to give a limited depth of field to isolate the mascots from the background .They are not a subject a compact digital camera could handle easily on its auto settings as it would have too much depth of field unless you intervened manually. These are just a few of my mascot photos . The mascots fascinate me but oddly the cars they are attached to don't interest me at all .


  1. lot of artistry in emblams and mascots and whatevers, had a classic v-dubb meet this weekend and looking at the grill badges for the royal belgian touring club ... well, one could make books on books on the topic, or maybe even a separate block, need to get the macro attachment on the camera through ;-)