23 Feb 2011


Jim Clark was an extraordinary racing driver .This photo was taken on a tiny half frame Olympus over 40 years ago so the quality is poor but I have posted it because it shows Jim Clark literally hurling his "T"(training or practice) Lotus Cortina round Brands Hatch in preparation for a support race for the British Grand Prix in 1967 . He would have shredded a set of tyres in just a few laps . He was a magician in the Cortina .What a contrast to the rubbish we are now served up as V8 supercars "touring car" racing here in Australia .And just imagine today's formula one"stars' doing a support race before a grand prix and in those days grand prix were much longer races than today's sprints .
In another one of those six degrees of separation instances I have recently found out that my good friend Roger Putnam , whom I did not know then, and who was working for Lotus, drove this very car back to the paddock after that practice session,with a load of tyres on the back seat .

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