3 Feb 2011


...... a clean garage floor .For the past 5 years my 1977 2.7 911 has had a small oil leak . Not enought to warrant an  investigation and possibly expensive repair but enough to leave a very small pool after use . Recently the pool has got larger and the engine fan has been getting oily so an investigation could not be put off any longer. Thanks to Simon at Autowerks at Charmhaven , my local Porsche whisperer, the problem was found and rectified at only a small cost . It was a minor but hard to find issue and the upshot is now a completely oil free garage floor as neither cars have leaks . Not bad for cars which are 34 and 40 years old .
Now if it would only cool down I'd take one of them out for a run.


  1. looks like a good place to spend some time, is that a Mini poster I can see on the wall, 10 points if it is.

  2. Don't get John started about Mini's!

  3. what a way to start the day ... hmm, which one shall I take? smaller and lighter, more powerful and AC'd, choices choices choices ... we should all have to make such choices

  4. I'm very jealous of your garage John.