7 Feb 2011


Early Porsche 911s - pre 1974 steel bumpered cars- are highly prized by Porsche enthusiasts and they have developed a cult following with an early 911 culture evolving with its own web and blog sites, meetings and symbols and even high priests .As a large proportion of the early 911s are in the US , particularly on the west coast,California and especially San Francisco is the epicentre of early 911 culture.
Bob Tilton is an early 911 devotee based in San Francisco who is a gifted graphic designer and photographer who has just self published his own early 911 culture photobook entitled "Departures" which is "must" for early 911 fans. Bob rather underestimated demand for his tome and the 225 print run sold out so he is now into a reprint .I was lucky enough to get a numbered copy from the first print run and it features both creative photography and design.Bob has a blog which is worth following if you are into early 911s or just edgy graphic design.
My personal photography style evolved in an era when photography was more about recording than interpreting and when equipment was limiting compared with today and film was costly .I am gradually becoming more experimental but photographers like Bob Tilton are way ahead of me and it's fascinating to see young photographers such as Seth Reinhardt producing creative 911 images- three of which are featured below .These were taken at the Tasman Revival Meeting at Eastern Creek in Sydney in November last year.

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  1. speaking of the werx and other friends, where'd the links to their blogs go? enjoyed checking them out while stopping by. is certainly good stuff, great photography and cars, very arty indeed, glad to see the cars getting recognition they deserve for dual purposes ... function and art