6 Jan 2011


It took an early morning drive down to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in my brother-in-law's Morgan( both pictured below) on a beautiful summer's day for me to start to to understand the appeal of Morgans .Upto then I thought that they were automotive throwbacks- slow -- heavy,vague steering -- harsh suspension -- but the wind blowing through my hair--I don't have a cloth cap- and the sight of the long, louvred bonnet in front of me as we swept down the back roads of Sussex brought me closer to Morgan enlightenment .Pulling up to an English country pub on a warm ,summer evening seems to be the natural habitat of a Morgan .
Don't get me wrong ---given the choice an early Porsche 911 or a Morgan for the drive to Goodwood or even the local pub I'd choose the Porsche every time but at least I am closer to understanding why some people like Morgans .

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  1. sounds to me like a few more Morgan owners need to take you out for rides. See if they can help you along to understand their passion better ;-)