2 Jan 2011


 Looking down is always a great viewpoint for photographing motor racing . These three images were taken from one of my favourite viewing points -- above the pits at Le Mans . In about 2000 the pit complex was totally rebuilt  .When these images were taken there were hospitality boxes above the pits and a balcony immediately above them which I could talk/sneak my way onto as security took a break and then I pushed my way to the front and held my camera over the balcony wall .
The first shows --I think-a TWR Jaguar leading a works Porsche down the pit straight as dusk falls during the 1988 race .Dusk is the most spectacular time at Le Mans as the headlights come on and the fairground and campsite barbecues light up .
The second image taken during the 1985 race shows a driver change,fuel and tyre stop for the winning Porsche 962C and the third shows a TWR Jaguar arriving at its pit during the 1989 race .


  1. Superb shot of the Rothmans Porsche John - it looks like Bellof and Mass perhaps?

  2. Loved the Rothmans shot as well (the others set it up perfectly) particularly the guys in insulated micheline man suits who are fueling, and the one with his micheline suit ralled back to the elbows, great dynamism and some serious effort captured perfectly...