10 Dec 2010


This is an interesting photo on a number of levels . Firstly it was taken by me at a club meeting at Goodwood Circuit in the UK in 1960 . I was 14 at the time and I travelled there with a school friend by public transport from N Surrey . The journey took us over 3 hours by public transport in each direction and involved a complex journey . We were keen -- and it was only a club meeting . Secondly it was one of the first films I developed myself . The film was hung up to dry in our garden shed -- hence the specks of dirt embedded in the emulsion . It was taken on a very basic Halina 35X 35mm camera on Ilford FP3 film .
Finally the most interesting part is the photo itself . It shows a Le Mans start where at the fall of the flag the competitors run across the track and climb it into their cars . The Le Mans 24 hour race abandoned this procedure in 1970 on safety grounds as it meant that drivers neglected to put on their safety harnesses before roaring off . No such worries for these drivers . The cars did not have seat belts yet alone safety harnesses . Also check out the "race gear" worn by the drivers . Cork motorcycle type helmets and bare arms and pants/trousers tucked into their socks .Times certainly have changed .

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